1980 UK "Miniatures" LP Pipe - PIPE 2 (Red/white labels. Poster included)

1980 UK "Miniatures" LP Pipe - PIPE 2 (Black/white labels)

1981 Italy "Miniatures" LP Supporti Fonografici - SF 007

1981 Spain "Miniatures" LP Edigsa - 15L0119

1994 UK "Miniatures" CD Voiceprint - VP 159 CD

1997 UK "Miniatures" CD Blueprint - BP 159 CD (CD and booklet both show same catalogue number as original, i.e. VP 159 CD, but tray card is different and thus the way to identify the re-release (showing catalogue number BP 159 CD and Blueprint instead of Voiceprint))

1994 Japan "Miniatures" CD Morgan Fisher - MSIF 3292 (With 2 printed inserts and obi. CD, booklet and tray card all show catalogue number being VP 159 CD)